About Us

Katlyn International Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is the world's premier Airport IT systems developer; doing business since 1982. We are an engineering & software company, specializing in Airport IT systems since 1992.

Katlyn software products include Cielo™, iRamp™  and iRoad™. iRamp and iRoad are modern fleet and ramp management systems designed to enable the fleet Operators to manage their vehicles better by collecting accurate and timely data about the status of their fleet. Also it enables the Operators to exchange data with the drivers of the vehicles such as gate, flight information, work order issuing and tracking, road condition logging etc.

Our software product Cielo™, has been implemented on sites worldwide.  It is simply the most powerful and complete Air Cargo Handling software product in the world, designed specifically for automated Air Cargo terminals.

We also offer A variety of Air cargo equipment such as Conveyors, Truck docks, ETVs etc pending on the needs of your facility.


A picture of our offices in Waterloo Ontario Canada


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