Service and SupportService and Support

Good maintenance and support are the keys to trouble-free operations. In our opinion, the best people to maintain your system are the same ones who designed and supplied it to you. This removes the headache of dealing with third parties, having to keep training up to date and knowing instantly what to do when problems develop. Katlyn Technical Services Inc. (KTS) is the Katlyn branch that is ready to supply 24/7 on-site service to your system on a service-contract basis. Our team consists of engineers, skilled tradesmen and logistical support to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Our KTS people are backed by our main engineering and software groups and have direct access to the original designers, including the original authors of your software. Our KTS team will perform scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. We cover electrical, mechanical, control and computer systems. We will also provide continuous training to your Operators and help you avoid most problems normally encountered when a new system is put into production. More important, as part of our service package, the Katlyn-KTS team will be offering you continuous upgrades and improvements to maximize your efficiency and profitability. You will benefit from new releases, as well as from other operational improvements which we will be making from time to time. Finally, we will be keeping you informed by means of detailed daily reports that keep you in control and help you make informed business decisions.