Intelligent Ramp Vehicles

Cielo IR OverviewCielo IR Overview

CieloTM IR Intelligent Ramp is an advanced and complete web based ramp equipment  management tool designed to help the modern ramp manager improve the following :

· Operations

· Maintenance

· Asset Utilization

· Security

As an operations tool, CieloTM  IR provides a method of exchanging operational data with the drivers. It is designed to issue and track work orders either manually for small organizations, or automatically if there is a host system interface. Cielo™ IR increases the visibility and efficiency of the fleet, and helps to reduce operational costs.

As a maintenance tool, Cielo™ IR provides a method to electronically collect vital data about the vehicle such as hours of operation (hour meter), fuel efficiency, odometer, driver behaviour, speed etc. This data is used to have a view of the fleet and to run maintenance operations, such as calculating minimum equipment levels, and to provide better maintenance scheduling.

As a security tool, Cielo™ IR ensures that only authorized drivers are operating the vehicles. CieloTM IR monitors for speed violations, thus minimizing the risk of accidents. It also alerts authorized personnel to any violations, and ensures higher levels of safety and security.

Our experience has shown that no two fleets are run the same way. That is why Cielo™ IR is ready to address multiple needs and configurations, such as different departments, security access, powered or non powered assets, etc.

Cielo™ IR utilizes multiple methods of transmitting data. Depending on what technology is available at the customer's site, we can utilize GPRS, SMS, WiFi, and RFID. We are ready to offer whichever is most appropriate for the customer site.