Engineered Fleet Management

An advanced and complete web-based fleet management solution that helps fleet managers become more efficient in Operations, Maintenance, Asset Utilization and Security.

No two airlines operate in the same way. CieloTM supports custom configuration to meet the needs of ground crew and management.


CieloTM Dispatch's intelligent algorithm technology automates work order assignments to optimize ground crew activity. All flight manifests are continuously monitored based on schedules, cargo volumes, manpower and equipment availability.

The Predictive DashboardTM alerts management when resources are at a premium allowing for a proactive response. Manual intervention is available for management to reprioritize events. CieloTM Dispatch will then automatically adjust assignments to accommodate any manual changes.

Routing is optimized by leveraging the equipment's GPS for multiple pickup and delivery destinations.

Dispatch is your live, real time view of all ongoing activities. The 'command centre' for management.

Access Control

CieloTM security access meets all industry compliance standards. Access permissions include the use of smart cards, biometrics, RFIDs and keyfobs. All access and usage of equipment can be viewed in real-time as well as remotely immobilized in the event of security concerns or misuse. As each vehicle is tracked per user, usage behaviour can be analyzed to help train workforce on best practices of equipment utilization. Vehicle usage accountability becomes a managable activity and assures proper maintenance and safety standards are followed.

Asset Tracking

Both powered and non powered fleet asset management, supported by CieloTM Asset Tracking. Physical location tracking and motion monitoring provides for real-time asset utilization as well as tracing of activity for compliance requirements. Data collection for historical usage and playback analysis provides for ground crew training, workflow activity and safety optimization.

Flight Information Display

Tracking of all real-time aircraft flight schedules are fully integrated into ground crew management needs. Remote access and instant notification to all mobile crew. Each ground crew member is always aware of their work order assignment and alterations to accommodate flight delays and gate changes. Flight information display systems are an integral part of assuring awareness and continuity of all team members.


CieloTM fleet asset management automates maintenance requirements through its Maintenance Campaign solution. With the Onboard Electronic Recorder of available OBDII details during vehicle operation as well as merging the CieloTM Asset Tracking solution, provides and advanced pre-diagnosis of equipment. Vehicle warnings are immediately notified to operator as well as management before damage can ensue. Vehicle inspections are completed within the Onboard Electronic Recorder upon request of management and is used for daily inspection and compliance.

Two-Way Messaging

Messaging solutions which assure secure and recorded communication between all team members. Text messaging that is peer-to-peer as well as batch transmissions in real-time. Places "Safety First" as a primary protocol when engaging in communication activities. Instant notification supports the ability for management to provide details of pending weather conditions, lightning awareness and emergency alert events. Messaging is tracked and recoverable by management to improve on training and manpower productivity.


Along with industry standard reporting, CieloTM has robust customization capabilities. Extraction of analytical information for productivity improvements, equipment safety, workforce training, compliance and security administration. All reporting can be triggered by events to communicate action or provide management awareness.

CieloTM Business Case

Aircraft flight delays and gate changes cause frequent alterations to planned pickup schedules. Cargo is set aside to provide space for more urgent priorities. The cargo which has been set aside by the gate is frequently left unaccounted for and remains unscheduled for departure. Operators must manually attempt to locate cargo and urgently reprioritize for pickup. Both the time to locate and travel distance of crew to pick up is inefficient and often creates unnecessary costs as well as delays for clients expecting a timely delivery.

Implementation of CieloTM solutions provides for real-time awareness of misplaced or rescheduled cargo. Its location and intended destination are dynamically prioritized based on schedule demands. Notifications are sent to service crew who are in the best position to rectify based on location and availability.

CieloTM Reports provides analytical details on changing workflows to accommodate flight delays and manpower utilization. Crews are now proactively scheduled based on predictive volume which reduces the likelihood of misplaced cargo.

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